Where to get help

The appalling practice known as ‘doxing’ has left the personal details of hundreds of members of the Jewish community exposed. Some haters have taken that information as both license and motivation to intimidate them. Consequently, there are some members of our community who may be experiencing stress and hardship. Here are some resources:

Personal safety and e-safety

Pathways for legal support and workplace advice via Lawyers For Israel at

For individuals/families who need some meal support, email

For families who need financial assistance due to lost income or emotional distress, contact Melbourne Jewish Charity Fund via or 95132285

For psychological services, access through All services will help you connect with longer-term psychological services as needed. Use the contact form on the website.

  • One-on-one free counseling through Hatzolah Melbourne
  • Sydney: Jewish House has a counseling line 1300 544 35
  • For psychological support, the Australian Jewish Psychological Society has been briefed. Their psychologists offer a telehealth service, so this is available for people in any city. Many of them will offer pro bono at least in the first instance. For ongoing services they are willing to offer bulk billing or individual arrangements according to needs.

You can also access wider community services such as Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline 131114, especially if you are experiencing distress and need to talk to someone outside of business hours.

Synagogue communities have also been updated, so if you have a good relationship with your rabbi – reach out!

Please take care at this difficult time. Key self-care tips, for you or people in your circles who have been affected:

  • secure your online identity and create boundaries for social media use
  • ⁠choose which media you consume and which conversations you engage in
  • ⁠ensure you are getting good sleep
  • ⁠get offline, make time for activities which replenish you
  • ⁠find opportunities to connect with community
  • seek professional support

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