ZFA Conversations 2023: Zvika Klein


The new Israeli government and its relationship with the Diaspora.

In the first ZFA Conversation for 2023, Zionism Victoria President, Yossi Goldfarb speaks with Zvika Klein about Israel’s relationship with the Diaspora, and how the Diaspora has reacted to some of the policies and members of the new government. Klein is considered one of the world’s top journalists specialising in Jewish Diaspora affairs. He served as advisor to Israel’s president’s office on Israel–Diaspora relations, before moving to journalism, where he has received numerous awards for his media work analysing the Diaspora. In 2015, Klein’s article, titled “10 hours of fear and loathing in Paris” became viral, and his video, showing a 10-hour walk in Paris wearing a kippah, received millions of views.

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