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State Councils

The various State Zionist Councils around the country share tight bonds with the ZFA and operate independently as the regional arms of the Zionist community.

Zionist Council of New South Wales
Zionist Council of New South Wales

President: Rodney Naumberger
Executive Director: Teneille Murray
W: www.zionistcouncil.com.au
E: info@zionistcouncil.com.au
P: 02 9360 6300

State Zionist Council of Queensland
President: Paul Gould
Office Manager: Hadas Palevsky
W: www.szcqld.org.au
E: admin@szcqld.org.au
P: 07 3229 4462

State Zionist Council of South Australia
Co-Presidents: Ehud Hauben and Shawn Dwyer
Office Manager: Merrilyn Ades
E: szcsa.office@gmail.com 
P: 08 8379 0144

Zionism Victoria

President: Yossi Goldfarb
Executive Director: Jean Katzen
W: www.zionismvictoria.org.au
E: admin@zionismvictoria.org.au
P: 03 9272 5544

State Zionist Council of Western Australia
President: Jeffrey Linn
Office Manager: Rena Hesselson
E: szcwa@iinet.net.au
P: 08 9276 8730

ACT Zionist Council
President: Robert Cussel

W: https://www.actjc.org.au/act-zionist-council
E: act.admin@actjc.org.au