Wednesday, 27th May 2015

Not only did the Backstreet Boys thumb their noses at the BDS movement by performing in Israel, but anti-BDS legislation is working its way through the lawmaking process in several US states and in Washington

18 May 2015

Forty eight years ago, the squawk of an incoming radio transmission echoed through the war room at IDF Central Command.… Read More

11 May 2015

The Cinderella story of Israel’s post-election coalition negotiations has finally reached an eleventh hour conclusion. After seven weeks of tortuous negotiations filled with more backflips than an Olympic diving competition, Prime Minister Netanyahu managed to cobble together a coalition supported by the barest of bare minimums required to govern – 61 seats. Yet while Netanyahu barely managed avoid turning into a political pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, it remains to be seen whether he left behind a proverbial glass slipper that will haunt his government later down the track.

6 May 2015


ZFA President Dr Danny Lamm appeared yesterday on J-Air Radio’s (87.8 FM) “Nothing Left” programme hosted by Alan Freedman.Read More