Monday, 27th July 2015

Last week Western Australian Labor Senator Joe Bullock took to the opinion page of the Australian, warning that “obsessives”and “cranks” were trying to hijack his party’s Middle East policy. Judging by the results of today’s ALP National Conference, Senator Bullock’s prediction has come to pass.

R Weiser AJN Letter 22July15
23 July 2015

One wonders how long the New Israel Fund will want to continue to support an organisation that even people like Yair Lapid call “anti-Zionist”.

21 July 2015

In a decision utterly lacking in either legal merit or factual foundation, the International Criminal Court panel has not only thrown Israel under the bus. Through this outrageous action these two judges have also tainted whatever professional repute as jurists they might have previously enjoyed.

ZFA President Danny Lamm
16 July 2015

“The P-5 agreement with Iran represents a policy of weakness and accommodation in the face of a dangerously evil regime that imperils, not merely Israel, but the entire Middle East