ZFA statement on Iranian attack on Israel

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The Zionist Federation of Australia condemns in the harshest possible terms the Iranian attacks on Israel.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “We stand by Israel as it comes under attack by the Iranian terrorist regime. Iran is seeking to terrorise Israel but Israelis will not be cowed. We welcome the clear international condemnation of these attacks.”

Mr Leibler continued, “Iran wants to set the region on fire. Iran is attacking Israel directly today. In recent months years it has been coordinating Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen to do the same. Iran is intent on destabilising the entire region, and this requires a regional and international response. In this light, we welcome Jordanian and Saudi cooperation with Israel in its efforts to defend itself. We welcome the US and UK air forces helping Israel to shoot down the drones. We can see by the regional cooperation with Israel that Middle Eastern countries know who their enemy is, and it is Iran.”

Alon Cassuto, CEO of the ZFA said: “Iran is a terrorist regime. It’s stated goal is the destruction of Israel. It rules its own people by fear and terrorises the region through its proxies. This attack on Israel is not a reflection of the will of the Iranian people, but that of the radical ayatollahs and their supporters.”

Mr Cassuto concluded, “Iranian has been murdering Israelis for decades, but usually in secret, by proxies. Just last week an Argentinian court found Iran and Hezbollah were responsible for the bombing of a Jewish community building and Israeli embassy in the 1990s. This latest attack with hundreds of drones and missiles is an intolerable escalation. It is also confirmation the world cannot allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.”

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