1 April

War with Hamas

The Pope called for an immediate ceasefire and the release of all hostages in his Easter address.

Passionate protests across Israel call for an early election to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Bibi is standing firm that a reelection is what Hamas wants.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant states that the Gaza campaign is destroying Hamas as more leaders are being killed. Hezbollah leaders are being targeted in southern Lebanon.

An Australian worker for the UN was injured in a blast on the border with Israel. Israel has said it wasn’t involved.

The Haredi draft issue is coming to a head, with the Attorney-General (who has a difficult relationship with the government) having provided legal advice that “Beginning April 1, 2024, there will be no source of authority for a blanket exemption from military conscription for yeshiva students, and the defense establishment must act to draft them into military service in accordance with the law.”

Ceasefire talks resume in Cairo.

Despite the rhetoric of the Biden presidential campaign, this war has seen unprecedented amounts of intelligence sharing between Israel and the US, and the US approved a $2.5 billion transfer of munitions and fighter jets to Israel.

Israel’s humanitarian efforts

Everyone at the ZFA shares the concerns of the Jewish community and international community at the reports of a humanitarian crisis affecting the civilian population in Gaza.

We regretfully acknowledge that war always causes civilian casualties. We also recognise that Israel is doing an exceptional job to reduce civilian casualties, despite the fact that doing so hinders its own military objectives in Gaza.

Urban warfare expert John Spencer has written about Israel’s approach to civilian safety in his article “Israel has created a new standard for urban warfare. Why will no-one admit it?

Keep up to date on Israel’s humanitarian efforts on the COGAT site.

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