10 December

War with Hamas

8am AEDT, 10 December

What’s happening?

The IDF attempted a rescue mission of a hostage yesterday. The mission apparently failed, though few details have been released. Shortly afterward, Hamas released a video of hostage Sahar Baruch, whom Hamas claimed was killed by the IDF during the rescue attempt. The IDF says that Baruch was murdered by Hamas, not killed by the IDF. Baruch’s body shows signs of torture, according to social media accounts.

Israeli soldiers are facing intense battles because they are approaching areas that Hamas absolutely does not want to lose. The number of IDF soldiers killed since the beginning of the ground operation has risen to 97. One of the five killed on Saturday was nephew of former IDF chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot, whose son was killed late last week.

The US vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution that called for an immediate ceasefire. The US said the draft resolution ‘was divorced from reality’ and that it would have allowed Hamas to remain in power. The UK abstained from voting. All other 13 members voted for it.


The Israel Democracy Institute released a survey the other day about how Israelis feel about the country. Definitely worth reading. Israelis are optimistic about the future security of their country, and deeply divided about a two-state outcome with the Palestinians, think women should be in more combat roles, and more.

Egypt, which has barricaded its border with Gaza to prevent any Gazans entering, has warned Israel and the US that a mass entry of displaced Gazans into Sinai would result in ties with Israel being ‘ruptured’.

Israel says it needs another two months of fighting to win the war.

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