20 December

War with Hamas

7:30am AEDT, 20 December

What’s happening?

A coalition of 10 countries led by the US will patrol the Red Sea to deter and stop Houthi attacks on international shipping. Australia is not among the 10 countries.

The UN Security Council is currently deliberating a resolution that aims to suspend hostilities in Gaza. Original text included a ‘sustainable’ ceasefire, but it was amended in an attempt to avoid a US veto.

The IDF says it has completed dismantling Hamas in the Jabaliya area of Gaza, as operations continue elsewhere.


Col. Richard Kemp, who was commander of British forces in Afghanistan, was in Gaza recently and says it’s one of the most complex battlegrounds in military history. He has nothing but praise for the IDF.

Birthright is back, with trips from the US set to resume in January.

A long but highly interesting interview with an Israeli tunnel warfare expert. Skip past the introductory text to the question and answer section (the questions are in bold).

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