27 November

War with Hamas

7am AEDT, Monday 27 November

What’s happening?

14 more Israelis were released overnight, nine of them children. Among those released is four-year-old Avigail Idan, whose parents were murdered on 7 October, and whose two siblings survived by hiding in a closet for 14 hours. Following the release, 177 hostages remain held by Hamas: 18 children (8 girls and 10 boys); 43 women (including nine aged over 60), and 116 men (including 16 aged over 60).

Hamas has formally indicated it wants to extend the truce. The truce arrangement requires Hamas to release at least 10 hostages per day, otherwise Israel will resume the ground operation.

Upwards of 100,000 people marched against antisemitism in London.

Former Member of Wentworth, former Australian ambassador to Israel and good friend of the Australian Jewish community has been selected by the Liberal Party to fill a vacant Senate seat, left by departing NSW Senator Marise Payne.


Many of the Palestinians released by Israel in recent days were attempted murderers. Here are their bios. This is who Israel is exchanging for its hostages.

How Hamas is building support in the West Bank.

Three weeks after it occurred, Human Rights Watch has finally conceded that the rocket that hit al-Ahli Hospital was not fired by Israel. At the time, HRW called the hospital explosion a “war crime committed by the Israeli army”. There is no word yet whether HRW will now check facts before accusing Israel of war crimes. We’re not holding our breaths.

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