Australian Ambassador to UN Mitch Fifield speaks to the ZFA

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On Tuesday, 19 October, the Zionist Federation of Australia hosted a background briefing with Australia’s ambassador to the UN, Mitch Fifield. The leadership of key Australian Jewish organisations attended the meeting.

Mr Fifield spoke about his recent visit to Israel, as part of a delegation of 10 ambassadors to the UN. The trip was organised by the ZFA’s sister organisation, the American Zionist Movement. The delegation met Israel’s president, prime minister and foreign minister, among others.

Ambassador Fifield addressed questions from the audience about the positive role Australia can play at the UN in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Australia’s principled opposition to one-sided anti-Israel resolutions at the UN.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler thanked Mr Fifield for his time and willingness to share his thoughts. “When he was a senator, and now that he’s an ambassador, Mr Fifield has been consistent in his view that Israel should not be singled out. His insights during our conversation show why he is such an asset to Australian diplomacy.”

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