Media Release on the UN – November 2016

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Zionist Federation of Australia condemns the United Nations for 6 anti-Israel resolutions in one day, President of the General Assembly wearing a Palestinian Flag

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Last week, the President of the UN General Assembly, Peter Thomson, wore a Palestinian flag as a scarf to mark the UN’s “International Day of Solidarity of the Palestinian People”, a day set in the UN calendar for 29 November. The following day, six Arab-backed anti-Israel resolutions were passed.
President of the Zionist Federation of Australia Dr. Danny Lamm said, “One has to wonder what on earth is going on at the United Nations, when the leadership sees it fit to mark an international day of solidarity with Palestinians on the exact day that marks 69 years since the UN Partition Plan.” He continued, “can they not see how absurd it is to show solidarity with the very same group who rejected partition 69 years ago? What a different world we would be living in today, had the proposal been accepted by the Arab world.”
In reference to the Palestinian flag worn by Thomson Dr. Lamm noted, “while the UN continues to hinder peace at every turn, the President has chosen this moment to adorn himself with a Palestinian flag around his neck. Would it not be more meaningful to promote concrete, far-reaching negotiations between the two sides, and adorn the halls of the UN with an Israeli flag alongside a Palestinian flag to mark a new era in relations between the two sides?”
The following day, six anti-Israel resolutions were passed including one on the status of Jerusalem, and one calling for Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights. On the latter issue Dr. Lamm endorsed UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer who said, “At a time when the Syrian regime is killing its own people by the hundreds of thousands, how can the UN call for even one more human being to be placed under Assad’s bloodthirsty rule.” Dr. Lamm added, “moreover, how can they expose the Golan population to ISIS and other such murderous gangs?”
At the ZFA Biennial Conference on Sunday the ZFA passed a resolution expressing “its view that the UN once again has disqualified itself from any meaningful role in promoting Israel –Palestinian peace. Instead its actions perpetuate an anti-Israel environment that discourages constructive Israeli-Palestinian engagement and the direct talks necessary to reach a just and lasting peace agreement.”



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