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Official Statements
monday 23 October
  • Israeli soldier killed
  • Gazans evacuated
  • Attacks from Lebanon
  • USA support
  • Israelis displaced – can you help?
  • FAQs – Collective punishment
  • Jewish people supporting each other
  • Report harmful content from social media
  • Medical professionals – Israel needs your help


sunday 22 October
  • The ground operation is imminent
  • Two hostages released
  • Objectives announced
  • A threat from the south-east?
  • Media appearances
  • FAQs
  • Hear from historian and former Israeli ambassador to the US Michael Oren tonight


Friday 20 October
  • Gaza ground operation
  • British PM in Israel
  • US vetoes a Security Council resolution
  • Clashes in West Bank


Thursday 19th October
  • Biden in solidarity visit
  • Humanitarian supplies to enter Gaza
  • Intensification of northern front
  • A comment on the hospital explosion


Wednesday 18th October
  • The ground operation in Gaza has yet to begin
  • Deadly blast at Gaza hospital
  • The north is evacuating
  • Visits to Israel
  • ABC news interviewing Hamas terrorist organisation international spokesperson


Tuesday 17th October
  • The ground operation is yet to begin
  • Israel has evacuated its civilians
  • Rocket barrage
  • JK Rowling is onside
  • So are political leaders around the world
  • …and in Australia


Monday 16 October
  • Israel continues to prepare for Gaza ground operation
  • Hezbollah launches six-anti tank missiles into Israel, killing one civilian. IDF retaliates with airstrikes on Hezbollah “military infrastructure” in Lebanon
  • Herzog shares Hamas’ kidnapping guide
  • A show of community strength and resilience in Brisbane
  • Australian Parliament shows solidarity with Israel


Sunday 15 October
  • Gaza operation has yet to begin
  • Hamas is preventing people evacuating from the northern Gaza Strip, and Egypt has closed its border with Gaza
  • A small incursion over the weekend saw Israel retrieve some Israeli bodies, and collect intelligence
  • Documents collected from the 1500 killed terrorists in Israel indicates reveal highly detailed information about the targeted Israeli communities, and highly detailed plans of attack
  • Sporadic rocket fire from the south continues, with some injuries but no further deaths
  • A show of community strength and resilience in Melbourne


Friday 13 October
  • Israel is still burying its dead
  • Knesset has approved emergency government
  • Israelis abroad and Jewish community in the diaspora urged to be cautious as Hamas calls on supporters to hold ‘day of rage’ on Friday 13th October
  • Hamas deputy chief lies “We don’t target civilians”
  • US Secretary Blinken visits Israel


thursday 12 October
  • Israel is still burying its dead
  • The expected ground operation has yet to occur
  • Israel has formed an emergency national unity government
  • A false alarm sent millions of Israelis scrambling to their bomb shelters in the north
  • A rocket bombardment in Tel Aviv and surrounding areas overnight
  • A massive show of strength and support in Sydney, to be followed up in Melbourne
  • The Greens appalling sentiment
  • Israel does not use disproportionate force


wednesday 11 October
  • Up to 1200 Israelis have been killed.
  • Israel has continued to hit Hamas targets in Gaza overnight.
  • A likely ground invasion has not begun.
  • Hamas rockets are being fired at Israel intermittently, with two foreign workers and a Palestinian in the West Bank killed overnight.
  • There has been limited rocket fire from Lebanon
  • Media has entered the attacked areas near Gaza; more horrific stories are emerging
  • Gaza is not under siege
  • Australian political leaders stand in solidarity with Israel


tuesday 10 October
  • infiltrated Israel on multiple fronts, via land, sea and air and initiated unprovoked attacks against Israeli civilians and security forces.
  • At least 900 Israelis have been killed and 2,600 have been injured. This is the greatest number of Jewish deaths in a single day since the Holocaust.
  • 260 bodies were recovered from the music festival in Re’im.
  • Hamas together with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) have kidnapped approximately 130 Israeli civilians into Gazan territory.
  • There are currently 80 points of breach along the border that separates Gaza from Israel and an estimation of 20-40 of those breaches took place in the night between October 8 and October 9.
  • Hamas has fired over 4,400 rockets into Israeli territory since the start of the war.
  • 15 out of 24 of the settlements and kibbutzim in the Gazan envelope have been evacuated by the IDF.
  • The IDF have successfully attacked 800+ Hamas targets and there are six active combat battles taking place in the Gaza envelope.
  • The IDF have prepared 300,000 reservists for attacks on both Israel’s southern and northern borders. There is currently no active combat taking place on the northern border.


Monday 9 October

Show solidarity with Israel


sunday 8 October

A heart-breaking 24 hours


saturday 7 October

The Zionist Federation of Australia condemns the reprehensible Hamas attack on Israeli civilians


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