ZFA responds to vandalised graves in Haifa

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President of the Zionist Federation of Australia Jeremy Leibler said, “We were disgusted to learn that vandals had spray-painted swastikas and Nazi slogans on the gravestones of Commonwealth soldiers in a British military cemetery in Haifa. The desecration of any grave, any where is inexcusable and we trust that the authorities will find the perpetrators and deal with them appropriately.”


A strong bond was created between Australia and Israel due to the sacrifice of our Diggers, a bond that neither country takes for granted.

Late last month , a moving ceremony took place not far from Haifa at Semakh to unveil a statue “the Aboriginal Soldier and his Horse” in memory of the Australian Soldiers who fell in Israel in WWI and in the  Battle for the Semakh Train Station on 25th of September 1918.

Moriah Ben-David, ZFA’s Israel Office Director represented the ZFA and the Australian Jewish community at the ceremony. She said, “The spirit of the horsemen brigade of acceptance, of tolerance, and of brotherhood are values that we share as countries and as nations- Australia and Israel.

Australia and Israel promote these values and work together to better the world according to these ideals.

As a representative of the Zionist Federation of Australia I feel privileged to help be the bridge between these two nations and deepen the connections so we can work together to spread acceptance, friendship, respect and equality.”

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