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The Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) is extremely concerned about the depiction of the situation in the Gaza Strip presented in Todd Sampson’s Body Hack on Network Ten.

Despite Sampson’s declaration that his piece was not intended to be political and that it would be a balanced portrayal of the situation in Gaza, the item that was aired last night was anything but balanced.

President of the ZFA, Jeremy Leibler said, “Sampson attempted to portray a complex conflict by capturing only one perspective and in doing so produced a program that lacked intellectual honesty and basic journalistic standards.  Sampson acknowledged that Hamas are sending busloads of children into the middle of a warzone yet failed to draw any conclusions from that fact or to acknowledge the challenges faced by the IDF when its opponents intentionally use children as human shields”.

“Viewers were left wondering, where are the Israelis in this picture? If Sampson was interested in balance, why didn’t he speak to Israelis on the other side of the border who have spent years in bunkers due to the indiscriminate rockets attacks emanating from Gaza?”

An honest and balanced view would have filmed both sides of the border and documented the lives of the Israeli civilians in towns and villages in Israel whose lives are bedevilled by rocket attacks, threats from terror tunnels and Palestinian eco-terrorists who set fire to their farms, nature reserves, animals and bird life. On all of this Hack was silent.

For media enquiries please contact:

Jeremy Leibler, President: +61 417 382 387, jleibler@abl.com.au
Emily Gian:  +61 418 819 161, emily@zfa.com.au

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