ZFA statement in Malka Leifer case delay

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The Zionist Federation of Australia was disappointed to learn that the quest to bring alleged paedophile Malka Leifer back to Australia to face her day in court has been delayed yet again, this time due to Judge Chana Miriam Lomp’s decision to appoint a new expert panel of psychiatrists.

Jeremy Leibler, President of the ZFA said, “We were hopeful that this court hearing, which was supposed to judge Leifer’s mental fitness for an extradition trial, would be the turning point. Sadly, it adds to the long list of setbacks, delays and allegations of corruption that have marred this case for over five years since her arrest in 2015.”

“It is outrageous that Leifer’s victims have had to endure an excessive amount of court hearings – 57 to be exact – while over 30 psychiatrists have been paraded through in an attempt to determine whether Leifer is fit for trial. All of this before the actual trial has begun. How much more will Leifer’s victims have to tolerate? This circus has gone on long enough.”

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