ZFA statement on deal to release some hostages

Official Statements

The Zionist Federation of Australia welcomes the impending release of some Israeli hostages.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said that it is with tremendous relief that more than 50 of the hostages will be returning home to their loved ones, but we want to see the release of every hostage as soon as possible.

“Notwithstanding that all the hostages should be released without conditions and that taking hostages is a war crime for which Hamas must be held accountable, the fact that more than 50 women and children will be returned to their families is incredibly welcome,” Mr Leibler said.

“Given how many years Hamas has held previous Israeli captives, that these hostages will be released within two months shows that the Israeli military operation in Gaza is achieving its objectives.”
Mr Leibler cautioned against the notion that the deal involves a ‘prisoner swap’.

“The hostages that the terrorist organisation Hamas took were innocent civilians and kidnapping them was a war crime. Palestinian prisoners have deliberately attacked Israeli citizens, they have blood on their hands, and they were arrested and imprisoned according to the law. That Israel is willing to release these prisoners shows the price Israel is willing to pay for the safe release of its people.”

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