ZFA statement on Elliot Dolan-Evans

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Monash University academic Elliot Dolan-Evans has liked and retweeted numerous posts celebrating the 7 October Hamas massacre.

Zionist Federation of Australia Jeremy Leibler said, “Clearly his views are appalling. To like any social media posts that not only justify – but glorify – the Hamas massacre of 7 October is disgusting. But what really worries me is that someone like this is teaching students.”

Mr Leibler continued, “I think the issue with Dr Dolan-Evans goes beyond offensive tweets. Last year, the ZFA organised a survey, finding that two-thirds of Jewish students nationwide had experienced antisemitism on campus. A quarter had been involuntarily singled out or excluded over issues relating to Israel. The survey showed that many Jews have stayed away from campus to avoid antisemitism. We’re only two weeks into this academic year, but things appear considerably worse.

“Universities should be leaning in, to make sure that all minorities on campus feel safe and supported. That includes Jewish students. The idea that someone like this could be spouting his hatred on campus is really worrying.”

“I wonder what John Monash – a proud Australian, Jew, and founder of the Zionist Federation of Australia – would think of this lecturer who on Twitter is celebrating one of the deadliest massacres of Jews”.

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