ZFA statement on Greens motion in Parliament

Official Statements

The Greens moved anti-Israel motions in the House of Representatives and the Senate on 26 February.

Zionist Federation of Australia President Jeremy Leibler said, “The Greens have once again shown that they are a party of division. They are drumming up hatred of Israel to win votes. They don’t seek understanding. They don’t seek peace. They seek hatred of Israel. The stunt they pulled in Parliament on Monday was merely a pretext to bash the world’s only Jewish state.”

Mr Leibler continued, “The Labor and Coalition saw through the Greens’ stunt and voted against the motion. It is unfortunate that Teals with a substantial population of Jewish constituents abstained from the vote. It is important to send the Greens a message that their politics of division is not what Australians want. We hope that the next time this happens, the Teals will see through the Greens’ motives, and vote no.”

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