ZFA statement on passing of reasonableness standard law in Israel

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The Zionist Federation of Australia today expressed deep regret over the approval of the Reasonableness Standard Law in Israel in the absence of broad societal consensus.

The legislation was passed by the government amidst escalating social schisms within Israel, apparent from the countless Israelis on both sides of the debate who have demonstrated in public spaces. The overwhelming majority of Diaspora Jews hold reservations regarding the ongoing push for judicial transformation without a middle ground, which has fuelled conflict within the IDF during a period of heightened danger to the Jewish nation, and has caused tension in the crucial bond between Israel and global Jewry.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “While there is clearly a legitimate case for judicial reform and a substantial number of Israelis believe in the need for certain modifications in Israel’s judiciary, alterations to the fundamental structures at the heart of Israel’s system of government should be embraced based on the widest conceivable agreement. Any proposed reforms should reflect a consensus position on Israel’s democratic principles of upholding checks and balances, safeguarding minority rights and conserving judicial autonomy. This is why we have consistently supported President Herzog’s initiatives aimed at consensus-building”.

Mr Leibler continued, “As we approach Tisha Be’av, a day on which we recall the destruction of the temples due to internal conflict and hatred, we continue to endorse President Herzog’s attempts to foster national conversation and urge the government and opposition to recommence negotiations under his leadership. We are deeply concerned about the long-term consequences of the divisions within Israeli society”.

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