ZFA statement on resumption of ground operation

Official Statements

The Zionist Federation of Australia continues to stand with Israel in its difficult decision to resume the ground operation.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “Israel has clear and moral objectives in this war – ending the terrorist organisation Hamas’s rule of Gaza and bringing home the hostages. When hostages were being returned, Israel paused its operation. Indeed, the only reason Hamas handed the hostages over was because of Israel’s military operation.

“The Australian Jewish community stands in solidarity with the families of the hostages still in Gaza. We know the resumption of the operation must be particularly difficult for them, but we strongly believe that it is only by defeating Hamas that all the hostages will come home.”

Mr Leibler concluded, “We are aware of the difficult humanitarian conditions in Gaza, and the impact this war has had on many Gazans. We are proud of Israel’s facilitation and provision of humanitarian aid into Gaza, even during war. This war is entirely because of Hamas’s actions, and the impact of the war on Gazan civilians is legally and morally entirely Hamas’s fault. All those who care for Palestinian welfare and Israeli-Palestinian peace should be calling for Hamas’s unconditional surrender and the return of all the hostages.”

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