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Zionist Federation of Australia President, Jeremy Leibler, has welcomed the support of the hundreds of community and community leaders who have today put their name to a statement denouncing antisemitism.

“Following the barbaric terror attacks by Hamas against Israel on 7 October, when the Jewish community has been reeling with the tragedy and concern for kidnapped hostages, we have seen a surge in antisemitic incidents and threats. At a time when it is easy to say nothing, these leaders have not only said something, they are doing something – publicly saying no to antisemitism and calling for respect, inclusivity and dignity,” Mr Leibler said.

“I hope all Australians who read the letter today will take pause and reflect on what is so special about our country and recognise that bigotry and hatred is anathema to what we all hold dear.

Former premiers, ambassadors and chief justices together with CEOs, professors and founders are among the high-profile Australians publicly rejecting antisemitism at a time when reports of antisemitic behaviours and incidents have increased fivefold.

“Importantly, the letter opposes all forms of bigotry, prejudice and racism in workplaces, hiring practices and business dealings,” Mr Leibler said.

Fittingly, the letter ends with a message of hope: “Together, we are united in our support of an Australia where all citizens are treated with respect, inclusivity and dignity.”

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