ZFA welcomes the announcement that the Government will proscribe Hamas.

Official Statements

The Zionist Federation of Australia welcomes the announcement that the Government will proscribe Hamas.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “By taking this decision, the Minister has made clear Australia’s absolute rejection of hatred and terrorism. There is absolutely no doubt that Hamas in its entirety meets the definition of terrorist organisation. Not only is this decision the right one in terms of Australian law, it also brings Australia into alignment with the UK, Canada, US and EU positions on Hamas.”

“I commend the important and bipartisan work of the Intelligence and Security Committee, which recommended the Minister proscribe Hamas”, he said.

The ZFA made a submission to the Intelligence and Security Committee, urging it to recommend to the Minister that she proscribe Hamas in its entirety. That submission is here. The ZFA’s Bren Carlill also appeared at the Committee’s public hearing. Dr Carlill’s opening statement can be viewed here.

Of Minister Andrews’ decision to proscribe all of Hamas, Dr Carlill said, “The idea that Australia could artificially differentiate between different parts of Hamas never really passed the pub test. This decision rights a wrong, and what’s really important is that it was bipartisan.”

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