1 December

War with Hamas

12pm AEDT, 1 December

What’s happening?

The truce was extended for a seventh day yesterday after Israel accepted a Hamas-produced list of eight civilians and three killed soldiers it would hand over. Hamas released the eight civilians but has yet to relinquish the bodies of the fallen soldiers.

The only child hostages left in Hamas captivity are the red-headed Bibas children – four-year-old Ariel and baby Kfir. Both of their parents were also taken hostage. Hamas has published a video of Yarden Bibas, the father, being told his wife and children were dead. The IDF warns that it might be a propaganda video and are still investigating the claims.

It is unclear whether the truce will expire today. Whether it does or not is up to Hamas. The IDF has said it is ready to resume operations.

Yesterday, three people were murdered in Jerusalem in a terrorist shooting attack. A fourth person was killed after he was mistaken for one of the terrorists and shot. The ZFA statement is here.


The agreement for the original four-day truce included a clause that would allow for its extension on the condition that Hamas releases ten Israeli hostages per day. The truce was extended for two days initially. Israel yesterday extended the truce despite Hamas not meeting these conditions. One hundred and five people have now been handed over by Hamas. Israel estimates that there are 137 hostages left in Gaza.

The Alma Research and Education Centre, an outfit focused on Israel’s northern border, claims that Hezbollah has also trained to carry out a similar operation to 7 October.

Israel has spent untold billions developing defensive weapons systems that protect its civilians and solders. The Iron Dome is well known. Systems like Arrow, Trophy and others less so. You can read about them here.

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