13 December

War with Hamas

7am AEDT, 13 December

What’s happening?

In an extraordinary intervention, US President Joe Biden says Israel has to stop ‘indiscriminate’ bombing, and that the Israeli coalition needs to change.

The IDF announced that it has retrieved the bodies of two Israeli hostages. Meanwhile, plans for the 7 October attack and videos of it are uncovered in Gaza. Meanwhile, new hostage talks might be beginning.

Yemeni Houthis have fired a missile at a Norwegian ship that was en route to Israel. This Australian analysis about the Houthis’ attacks on Israel is useful.


An excellent Haaretz background on Hamas revenue streams. (Click here if you can’t get around the paywall.)

Israel is now inspecting trucks at both the Egypt-Israel Nitzana crossing and the Gaza-Israel Keren Shalom crossing, effectively doubling the number of trucks that can go into Gaza. Israel says the issue remains the UN does not deliver them fast enough. Meanwhile, there is lots of evidence that Hamas is stealing the aid. Read this fascinating X thread about the problems with aid. At fault are UNRWA (described by locals as a mafia), Egypt, the Red Crescent, Israel, Hamas and more.

A Polish far-right member of parliament used a fire extinguisher to put out a Hannukiah in the Polish parliament.

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