15 December

War with Hamas

7:30am AEDT, 15 December

What’s happening?

A major report will be released by our friends at the ECAJ today. As a teaser article in the Australian reveals, reports of serious antisemitism has risen by 738 per cent compared to the same time last year, with death threats and bomb threats among them. (If you can’t get around the pay wall, try this link.)

The US has reportedly told Israel to wrap up fighting within two weeks, whereas the Israeli defence minister told a visiting US official it will take months. This comes as another US official walked back President Joe Biden’s recent strident comments, noting that Israel’s measures to prevent civilian casualties go further than the US would. That said, CNN reports that the US does not plan on placing conditions on the IDF.

The IDF spent the last three days in Jenin, in a counter-terrorism operation. Weapons, bomb-making labs, tunnels and wanted people were found. In the same operation, some IDF soldiers sang Hannukah songs into a mosque’s loudspeaker. The IDF has suspended those solders and they will face disciplinary action.

The Israeli Knesset passed a supplementary budget yesterday, to help cover the costs of the war. However, it also includes ‘discretionary funds’ for pet projects by ministers. Coalition partner Gantz and the opposition voted against the budget.

Four people were arrested in Europe over a plot to target Jews. Meanwhile, the UK and the US have imposed sanctions on officials that fundraise for Hamas. The UK has also placed a travel ban on known violent settlers.


A discussion on what the Israeli presence in Gaza, post-Hamas, might look like.

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