18 December

War with Hamas

7:30am AEDT, 18 December

What’s happening?

The IDF found a four-kilometre-long tunnel wide enough to drive through. It has branches, plumbing, electricity and communication lines, with many weapons found inside.

Aid is crossing into Gaza direct from Israel, and Hamas and other gunmen are still stealing it, in view of the world.

Iran, the same country that arrests and sometimes kills young women for showing too much hair, has trained attractive young Iranian women to lure Israelis online, by sending them revealing photos in a ‘honey pot’ trap, in order to gain information about them, which was passed on to Hamas.


The US and the PA are discussing post-Hamas Gaza scenarios that involve the latter.

An analysis: Israel is winning the physical war on the ground, but is Hamas winning the psychological war?

French aliyah applications have risen by 430 per cent since the 7 October attack. We’ve also seen a spike in Australia.

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