21 December

War with Hamas

6:30am AEDT, 21 December

What’s happening?

Rumours of a new hostage deal and truce are once again swirling. Qatar-based Hamas head Ismail Haniyeh has arrived in Cairo to advance the talks.

Iris Haim, whose hostage son was killed in Gaza by IDF forces shortly after she returned from Australia, has sent a message to those forces saying it’s not their fault, and she loves them.

The ABC sacked a fill-in host of ABC Sydney’s morning radio spot, just three days into her gig, because of her anti-Israel activism on social media.


Information about the Palestinian Authority-US talks about a post-Hamas Gaza.

Meanwhile, here are five challenges Israel will face in a post-Hamas Gaza, from the managing director of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism at Reichman University.

Here are some details of the tunnel system found under Gaza City’s ritziest neighbourhood, with living quarters and connections to the homes of Hamas’s leadership.

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