29 November

War with Hamas

11:15am AEDT, Wednesday 29 November

What’s happening?

The fifth tranche of hostages were released overnight, despite a breach in the truce by Palestinian fighters. They include nine Israeli women and a teenaged girl, the daughter of one of those released.

The heads of the Mossad and CIA are in Qatar, negotiating Hamas’s request to extend the ceasefire.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler and UIA National President Esther Frankiel handed to Israeli President a letter of solidarity, signed by over 6300 Australians. If you’re name was on it, thank you. The Jerusalem Post reports on the meeting. Mr Leibler said, “Signatories to the letter may have different practices and politics, but they are united by a deep commitment to Israel. They also recognise the importance of speaking up, showing up and standing up for Israel – now and always.” The full ZFA statement is here.

Over 600 corporate leaders have signed a letter condemning antisemitism in Australia, with the open letter featured in Australia’s papers. Since its release yesterday morning, over 9000 other Australians from all backgrounds have signed the letter.


Details of Hamas treatment of Israeli hostages are emerging. Hamas forced the children hostages to watch videos of their depraved attack of 7 October. Woman are being held in cages.

Analysis of Israel’s intelligence failures ahead of the 7 October attack.

Today marks 76 years since the UN passed Resolution 181, to create two states in the (truncated) borders of the British Mandate. The Mandate had been established 30 years earlier to establish a Jewish homeland. Israel accepted the UN vote. The Palestinians and their Arab backers did not. War was the result of their rejection.

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