Thousands of Australians Sign Letter Presented to Israeli President

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A letter signed by thousands of Australians affirming their solidarity with Israel was today presented to Israeli President Isaac Herzog at a meeting with a leadership delegation of the Zionist Federation of Australia and the United Israel Appeal in Jerusalem.

In Israel for the solidarity mission, ZFA President, Jeremy Leibler, and UIA President, Esther Frenkiel OAM, delivered the letter signed by more than 6,300 Australians.

President Herzog said: “It was an honour to welcome the delegation. It was a powerful reminder that wherever we are, the Jewish heart beats as one. The outpouring of love and support from our Jewish sisters and brothers has been a true source of comfort.
We draw great strength from the unity demonstrated by our big Jewish family. Together we will fight antisemitism, together we shall overcome.”

Mr Leibler said: “Members of Australia’s Jewish community and their allies wanted to show President Herzog, and all Israelis, that even though they are thousands of kilometres away, they are standing with the state of Israel and the people of Israel. They have affirmed their support for Israelis who endured the brutal attacks of 7 October and the right of the nation to defend itself against Hamas and its terrorist objectives. The words of the letter clearly articulate strong support for Israel, and the long list of signatories show that those sentiments are widely held.”

Mr Leibler continued, “Signatories to the letter may have different practices and politics, but they are united by a deep commitment to Israel. They also recognise the importance of speaking up, showing up and standing up for Israel – now and always.
As I have moved through Israel this week, I have felt that the support of the international community, including Australia, is deeply valued. From the President to people on the street, Israelis are moved by the support coming from the Australian community whether it be by advocating for the release of the hostages, their charitable support or signing the letter. At a time when the situation on the ground in Israel is constantly changing, the signatories to the letter are showing that their support for Israel never will.”

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