4 December

War with Hamas

8am AEDT, 4 December

What’s happening?

The Israeli ground operation has expanded into Khan Younis, in the southern half of the Gaza Strip, with Israel urging civilians to evacuate part of the city.

Two more soldiers were killed on the weekend, bringing the number to 72 killed since the beginning of the ground operation. Since 7 October, 398 soldiers have been killed.

In a major escalation, Houthis (based in Yemen) have hit two civilian ships and a US naval ship in the Red Sea with rockets.

Hezbollah continues to fire rockets and missiles into Israel. Twelve people were injured by an anti-tank rocket fired into a town overnight.


The Sunday Times published a long article detailing the efforts by Israeli civilian groups to record the sexual violence perpetrated against women by Hamas terrorists on 7 October. It is difficult reading. If you can’t get past the paywall, try here.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a press conference yesterday, has rejected the idea that the Palestinian Authority take over a post-Hamas Gaza.

Israel has uncovered 800 tunnels, and destroyed 500 of them.

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