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The roll-out of the ZFA survey about university antisemitism continued over this last fortnight, as ZFA President Jeremy Leibler and AUJS President Alissa Foster went to Canberra to meet with Education Minister Jason Clare, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton and over a dozen other members and senators. The Parliamentary Friends of IHRA also hosted a morning tea in our honour.

Mr Leibler said, “I am very grateful for the genuine concern showed by everyone we spoke to about the survey and its results. Importantly, both the Education Minister and the Opposition Leader agreed with us on the importance not only of taking action, but of taking bipartisan action.”

In an earlier morning tea, Ms Foster told the Parliamentary Friends of IHRA that “university was the first time in my life where I considered hiding my Jewish identity.”

Other MPs and senators that heard from the ZFA and AUJS included Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah, Catryna Bilyk, Josh Burns, Raff Ciccone, Zoe Daniel, David Fawcett, Dr Mike Freelander, Dr Carina Garland, Sarah Henderson, Julian Leeser, Deborah O’Neil, Dean Smith, Allegra Spender and Glenn Stearle.

Also! Four different members and senators spoke to Parliament about the survey: Check out what they said!

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