Further ZFA statement on Gaza hospital tragedy

Official Statements

Like most Australians we were horrified over the explosions at al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza over the past 48 hours. Unfortunately, in the aftermath, and in a rush to report anything – blame was appropriated to Israel.

The impact this has had on the Jewish community in Australia and around the world has been deeply divisive. No group within our community should be subjected to hurtful, antisemitic words and actions – that in the light of day, were never true and should never be tolerated.

The facts, proven by evidence of US Government intelligence, actual footage and intercepted phone conversations meant that the attack was a terrible Islamic Jihad terrorist attack on its own people.

“In the days and weeks ahead, we know there will be many difficult conversations and activities undertaken – but we ask the Australian Community and Government to remember that since the hospital attack, many public statements have been made that have been proven dangerously incorrect. Those that have made them need to be held to account. Tragedy is not an excuse for poor fact-checking,” Jeremy Leibler, President of the Zionist Federation of Australia stated today.

For the over 1,400 lives lost on October 7, justice must be served, and we must stand together and stand united.

We must do better.

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