Statement on ANU rejection of IHRA

Official Statements

Zionist Federation of Australia President Jeremy Leibler said, “The ANU’s decision betrays a profound ignorance about both modern antisemitism and the IHRA definition, which is ironic coming from a place of learning, and likely stems from the fact that the ANU didn’t speak with any representative Jewish organisations before making its decision. The ANU says its antiracism policy is adequate, but Jews on campus are still facing antisemitism. The ANU’s student union says the IHRA definition silences criticism of Israel, when a mountain of evidence proves otherwise. Australia adopted the IHRA definition 18 months ago. Has that prevented criticism of Israel?”

Mr Leibler continued, “Adoption of the definition won’t prevent criticism about Israel. It cannot and isn’t designed to do so. Rather, its purpose is to help well-meaning people engage in conversations without needlessly offending a long-persecuted minority. Other minority groups have published similar definitions for the same broad reason.”

Mr Leibler concluded, “It is the anti-Israel groups that are making the IHRA definition about Israel, not the Jewish community. We just want antisemitism to stop.”

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