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Statement from ZFA President Dr Danny Lamm AM on Iran:

“The material recently released to the world by Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu proves that the much vaunted Iran nuclear deal – the JCPOA agreement – was founded on more than one lie made by Iran to the P5+1 members, to the IAEA, to its own people and to the world at large. The Israeli operation proves once again that the current regime in Iran cannot be trusted.

There are some who were quick to question the discovery suggesting it disclosed nothing new but they did so even before the entire contents of the large volume of material was fully disclosed, let alone analysed. This suggests that Israel’s detractors are more concerned with covering their backs for making a bad deal or with reaping the benefits financially of dealing with a rogue state than with making the world a safer place.

Those who believe the JCPOA is the best option we have available should think long and hard about the implications of placing further trust in an agreement with a regime that is not prepared to make itself accountable for its actions.”

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