Statement on Senate inquiry into Iranian human rights abuses

Official Statements

The Zionist Federation of Australia welcomes the recommendations made in the Senate inquiry into Iranian human rights violations.

The ZFA’s submission called for the proscription of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, but also highlighted confusion and ambiguity in current legislation as to whether the IRGC can be proscribed. The ZFA submission thus called on the Attorney-General’s Department to clarify its understanding of the law.

Late in the afternoon on the day before the Senate Committee’s report was published, the Attorney-General’s Department provided the Committee with such a clarification.

ZFA Public Affairs Director Bren Carlill said, “We welcome the Committee’s recommendation that the Australian Government should officially categorise the IRGC as a terrorist organisation, and urge the Australian Government to amend legislation to allow the IRGC to be proscribed here, as it is in other countries. No organisation that engages in terrorism should be immune from proscription just because it is owned or controlled by a government.”

Dr Carlill thanked members of the Committee for engaging so meaningfully in this important issue, and said he looked forward to discussions around implementation of the Committee’s recommendations.

The ZFA’s submission to the Senate inquiry is here.

The Senate inquiry’s report is here, where pp.73-79 is most relevant to the ZFA submission.

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