Statement on rocket attacks on Israel

Official Statements

President of the ZFA, Dr Danny Lamm AM said, “The actions of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups operating in Gaza, which included 2 rockets falling in the yard of a kindergarten, are just a follow up to the Hamas sponsored riots that took place on the border between Gaza and Israel two weeks ago.

It is remarkable, that Australian media has been so silent in the face of these attacks.  ABC radio for example, which reported so heavily on the riots in Gaza, has chosen to ignore the news of a blatant terrorist attack on Israel’s sovereignty and effectively to hide it from the listening public.

We strongly condemn Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist organisations who seek to destroy Israel and rather than seek peace.

We call on recent critics of Israel to join countries such as Ireland and Austria to recognise these rocket attacks for what they are and to judge Hamas and its conduct accordingly.”

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