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Zionist Federation of Australia President Jeremy Leibler sent a letter to Greens leader Adam Bandt on Friday 3 November, criticising his association with a group that is proudly defacing hostage posters as ‘Zionist propaganda’ and publish a map without Israel.

As Mr Leibler wrote in the letter, “To be clear, you are associating yourself with a hateful organisation that yearns for the destruction of Israel and mocks the victims of terror by Hamas, a designated terror organisation.  I trust you understand that this has an enormous impact on the Jewish communities of Australia – because by your participation, you legitimise this antisemitism.”

Mr Leibler called on Mr Bandt to disassociate himself from the rallies.

Mr Leibler said on Tuesday 7 November, “When Mr Bandt removed the post with the offending map, it was clear that he recognised that it was a call for the destruction of Israel. But merely deleting the post and pretending it never happened isn’t good enough. Silence is complicity. His recognition that this group seeks the destruction of Israel demands he also disassociate himself entirely from it, and apologise to the Jewish community for the offence caused.”

Mr Leibler discussed the letter and Mr Bandt on Sky News on Monday evening.

In other news, the Greens stooped to new lows as they staged a carefully choreographed walk out of the Senate on Monday 6 November.

Mr Leibler said, “The Greens didn’t walk out of the Senate when Syrian forces literally starved Palestinians to death. They are silent about Lebanon’s persecution of Palestinians in that country. The Greens barely uttered a word about the half-million deaths in Syria or the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Yemen. Pakistan is ethnically cleansing 1.8 million Afghans right now, but the Greens are silent.

“Only when Israel is involved do the Greens find their voice. There’s a word for that.”

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