ZFA statement on ANZMHA giving into bullying

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The Zionist Federation of Australia is appalled at the treatment of a world-leading mental health specialist. The Australia & New Zealand Mental Health Association (ANZMHA) cancelled the appearance of Dr Moshe Farchi at its Frontline Mental Health Conference at the last minute, due to unspecific security concerns.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “Let’s be clear, Dr Farchi wasn’t cancelled because of anything he has said or done. He was cancelled because of the threat of violence of a bigoted few. He was cancelled because conference organisers folded in the face of intimidation. The ANZMHA should immediately apologise.”

Mr Leibler continued, “There’s a sad irony that a mental health organisation would give into bullying tactics. Surely these mental health experts realise that refusing to stand up to bullying results in more bullying. With this act, the ANZMHA has all but guaranteed that more intimidation and bullying will occur.”

Mr Leibler concluded, “The intimidation tactics that led to the cancellation were bred in antisemitism. Those behind this move object to the existence of the world’s only Jewish state.”

“Beyond the appalling treatment meted out to Dr Farchi in the face of bullying, conference organisers have also denied conference participants the opportunity to benefit from Israeli experiences and expertise. This kind of boycott activity is always self-defeating.”

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