ZFA statement on Australia UN abstention vote

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ZFA STATEMENT –Australia UN abstention vote on October 27 Israel-Gaza resolution

Zionist Federation of Australia President, Jeremy Leibler, said “Australia made the right decision not to support a UN General Assembly resolution on Gaza that failed to condemn the barbaric terrorist attack perpetrated by Hamas on 7 October or call for the release of more than 229 hostages being held by Hamas.”

“We share the world’s empathy for innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Their suffering is a direct result of Hamas’ actions and is exacerbated by Hamas’ continued use of Palestinians as human shields and their refusal to share fuel, food and water with their own people.”

“The plight of innocent Palestinians will not improve if the world refuses to call out the source of their suffering. Hamas must not be allowed to continue to attack Israel and oppress its own people. Accordingly, we would have preferred if Australia followed the lead of the United States and voted No rather than abstain on the final resolution”.

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