ZFA statement on Australian Government’s sanctions against Iran’s morality police

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The Zionist Federation of Australia welcomed the Government’s Magnitsky-style sanctions against the Basij, Iran’s morality police and six individuals.

“The Iranian regime is murdering protesters on the street and torturing those it arrests”, said ZFA President Jeremy Leibler. “In Iran, the punishment for demanding human and civil rights is, all too often, death.”

Mr Leibler continued, “It is entirely appropriate for the Australian Government to sanction the key institutions brutally repressing Iranian freedoms. However, we strongly believe that this should only be the tip of the iceberg. The IRGC is involved in this repression, as is the Guardian Council and key government ministers. We believe these should also have sanctions applied to them.”

Mr Leibler concluded, “The late Senator Kimberley Kitching was instrumental in Australia adopting the legislation that has enabled these sanctions to be applied. Senator Kitching, who was a close friend of Israel and the Jewish community, would, I’m sure celebrate Magnitsky-style sanctions being applied to these Iranian entities and individuals and, like us, call for their wider application.”

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