ZFA statement on Government’s targeted Iranian sanctions

Official Statements

On 13 September, the Australian Government announced targeted sanctions against four individuals and three entities in Iran. The Zionist Federation of Australia welcomed the Government’s targeted sanctions, but called for much tougher action.

ZFA Director of Public Affairs Bren Carlill said, “The police spokesperson and Cyber Police aren’t suppressing women’s rights and freedom of speech of their own volition, but on behalf of the Iranian regime. Sanctioning a handful of individuals and entities as punishment for the vile actions of the regime is a positive first step. However, we believe the Australian Government should pass legislation enabling the proscription of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, as a Senate inquiry recommended earlier this year. The IRGC not only enables terrorist plots across the globe, but is the biggest actor in the Iranian economy and a key agent of suppression. Proscribing the IRGC would do more than merely indicate our displeasure; it would make a difference.”

The Government’s statement on sanctions is here.

The Senate inquiry mentioned above is here.

The ZFA’s submission to that inquiry is here.

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