ZFA statement on Israel’s report to the UN about Hamas’s use of rape as a weapon of war

Official Statements

The Association of Rape Crisis Centres in Israel compiled a report about the extent of rapes committed by Hamas fighters on and after 7 October. The report was submitted to the UN. It clearly shows that Hamas used rape as a weapon of war.

Zionist Federation of Australia CEO Alon Cassuto described the report as shocking. “The systematic and barbaric nature of the Hamas rapists is so foreign it is hard to fathom”, he said. “The sheer number of rapes across so many sites show this was a clear operational strategy. It is extremely upsetting and difficult to read about these heinous attacks, but we cannot ignore them or remain silent.”

Mr Cassuto continued, “We expect the UN to take this report very seriously, but we have our doubts. UN Women and other UN agencies were silent for weeks in the face of repeated reports of Hamas’s use of rape as a weapon of war. When it comes to Israel, the UN is entirely compromised. We have seen that at every level, including when it comes to the safety and dignity of Israeli women and girls.”

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