ZFA statement on the appalling position of the Australian Greens

Official Statements

The Zionist Federation of Australia slammed the position of the Greens in regards to the Hamas attacks on Israel.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “For first time in history, we have a political party in Australia openly hostile to the Jewish community with little regard for the community’s safety or wellbeing.”

Mr Leibler continued, “It took Adam Bandt three days to say anything after Hamas’s attack. And when he did, he didn’t mention Hamas. He didn’t mention Israel. Only the occupation. Notwithstanding that Gaza hasn’t been occupied for 18 years, when a Greens-promoted rally sees people chant ‘gas the Jews’, and when Hamas beheads babies and rapes women and goes from house-to-house slaughtering over 1000 people, even the Greens must realise that this is not about the occupation. This is a genocidal organisation – just like al-Qaeda and Islamic State – waging a genocidal war against the Jews.”

Mr Leibler concluded, “Their spokespeople make it obvious that the Greens are trying to win the votes of the people in Australia that celebrate these depraved attacks.”

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