ZFA statement on the UN’s ICJ resolution

Official Statements

The Zionist Federation of Australian condemns the UN resolution that seeks an International Court of Justice advisory opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “This appalling resolution is a new low for the UN in its irrational and disproportionate focus on the only Jewish state. We congratulate the Australian Government for voting against it.”

Mr Leibler continued, “Sadly, we know that the many opportunities to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have failed as a primary result of the Palestinian refusal to recognise Israel’s right to exist. That is what has prevented Palestinian statehood and the resolution of the conflict. The UN’s determination to do whatever the Palestinians ask of it reinforces Israel’s and the Australian Jewish community’s sincere doubts about any position the UN takes on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Like so many other UN actions, this resolution has made peace harder to achieve because it has rewarded Palestinian intransigence. The Albanese Government has seen through the UN’s lies and voted accordingly.”

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