ZFA statement on Victorian teacher’s defence of Hamas

Official Statements

On Sunday 17 December, Victorian school teacher Guan Jie ‘Jason’ Wong said, at a public rally, “Hamas is doing exactly what they have to do.” Mr Wong has previously called on the Victorian Government to allow teachers to advocate for the Palestinian cause at schools.

Zionist Federation of Australia President Jeremy Leibler said, “We rely on teachers to guide our children, but this teacher is abusing his position of influence. It is appalling that a teacher would praise a listed terrorist organisation.”

Mr Leibler continued, “We saw in the Brighton case that the court found a dereliction of duty to students, when the principal refused to take action to protect Jewish students at that school. We expect the Prahan High principal will take action to protect his students from a teacher who defends Hamas.”

“Mr Wong should be suspended immediately, pending a review by the department. It is clear that his advocacy for a terrorist organisation is incompatible with his public role and duties.”

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